Simona Remenova

Enjoy art from my production.


Allegedly, I already had something in my hands when I was still just in the maternity hospital. I pulled them out from the baby blanket and my mother got scolded for it. Yes, it was selfish of me but this habit is still with me, albeit in a different form.

When I attend meetings, I draw. When I am at work, I draw (where possible, of course). When I am outside, I draw. When I am at home, I paint, exercise or play piano. I’m constantly creating new things and no, I am not „not paying attention“ despite drawing in meetings or lessons.

In most cases, I create notes in the form of a drawing. My senses perceive the surrounding, my hands interact with these impulses and materialize them. In fact, I have adopted a visual form of communication and I am still mastering it. There is already a lot of hard work as well as fun behind me. In particular I’ve carried out many different kind of studies and various experiments.

My biggest passion is to create for people just as I create for myself. For those who want extraordinary presents, paintings, illustrations or graphic design, I’m here to help and I love to do it. On top of these activities, own piano compositions stimulate my creativity…

The "cocktail(s)" I offer:

  • Paintings: portraits, animals, nature, still life, abstraction, reproduction…
  • Drawing/Sketching
  • Graphic Design: digital painting, illustrations, commercial graphics
  • Mosaic
  • Piano compositions
  • Fine art coaching and creativity development


Let me know and I might prepare original cocktail also for you!